Deepak Ravindra

Dr. Deepak Ravindra is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Micro-LAM Technologies LLC. With over 10 years of experience in ceramics and semiconductor manufacturing, Deepak has developed novel manufacturing processes and specific machining parameters in very specialized industries such as optics, defense, aerospace, advanced ceramics, semiconductor, automotive glass, and more. Deepak is a thriving entrepreneur in the state of Michigan where he has participated in several pitch and entrepreneurial programs including the Accelerate Michigan program, Green-TEA, GLEQ, NSF I-Corps, MIT Sloan Savvy Program, and more. Deepak has been exposed to vital entrepreneurial practices and has been successful in using them to obtain state funding, financial commitment from customers (including strategic partnerships), and letters of intent from a number of investors (angel and VC’s). He has raised over $1M of non-dilutive commercialization funds in the last 2 years. His foundation for entrepreneurship was developed at Stanford University, Palo Alto where he participated in the NSF I-Corps program.